Thursday, March 28, 2024
9:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m. EDT

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601 Lakeside Ave E Cleveland, OH 44114 (Directions)

Cleveland City Hall, Room 514 (or watch on YouTube)

The Cleveland Landmarks Commission is responsible for determining whether buildings, sites or historic districts are eligible for designation as landmarks. Cleveland City Council approves the designations.

The commission follows established criteria listed in the Landmarks Ordinance and uses the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation to review proposed changes.

Through the issuance of Certificates of Appropriateness the commission reviews building and demolition permits for Designated Cleveland Landmarks and Districts.

The commission also offers feedback on concept plans, but it does not formally approve or disapprove them at that stage.

Local Design Review Committees act as advisory committees to the Landmarks Commission within designated historic districts.

NOTE: This meeting could run as long as 3 hours, and because the commission has been holding hybrid meetings – with some people at City Hall and others joining via WebEx – you may have a better view of who is speaking by attending in person.

Commission members:

  • Michele Anderson
  • Mark Duluk
  • Chris Loeser
  • Joyce Pan Huang, Director of City Planning
  • Allan Dreyer
  • Robert S. Strickland, Vice Chair
  • Raymond Tarasuck, Jr.
  • Julie Trott, Chair
  • Deborah A. Gray, Ward 4 Council Member
  • Michael Sanbury
  • Regennia Williams

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Edited and summarized by the Cleveland - OH Documenters Team

Note-taking by Sarah Kinley

Rules in historic neighborhoods befuddle homeowners

Note-taking by chanel wiley

Owners of homes in historic districts fret over regulations

Live reporting by Marvetta Rutherford

Homeowner questions home-repair rules in Cleveland's historic districts

Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise
Hey #Cleveland I had the pleasure of getting assigned to the #ClevelandLandmarksCommission by @cledocumenters
#cledocumenters @signalcleveland this is the preamble

09:44 AM Mar 29, 2024 CDT

Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 2/89
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 3/89
As well rules and procedures
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 4/89
Roll call, this was chaired by Bob Strickland Vice Chairman
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 5/89
Certificate of Appropriateness is next
There are also staff from the law department present! First case is the Cultural Gardens in Ward 9
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 6/89
This deals with the repair of the Ghandi statue Mario Stone is the presenter
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 7/89
Evan Champagne is the presenter for the stone company this is the location in the park
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 8/89
This is the statue in the area the base and cap base is the areas of replacement.
The current situation shows wear and tear
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 9/89
There are steps to doing this successfully
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 10/89
Permits are obtained from the city. A crane is required to remove the statue
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 11/89
The new base will be grey granite it will be 9".
It will be sealed to help resist UV and weather
Then the statue will be reinstalled
They have insurance for the project
Fees for the project are as follows: crane is going to be additional
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 12/89
Design review committee
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 13/89
Landmark staff
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 14/89
Further discussion ensued..
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 15/89
Motion made and passed with conditions
Next up Ward 15 Gordon Park
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 16/89
This is a Pocket Park
This has been seen 6 times over the last 3years
The issue today is about landscaping.. last seen in July, 2023
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 17/89
Redesigning has occurred with changes to the fencing and the forever lawn
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 18/89
There's a space for dogs as well
Visual effects are in the landscaping to separate the people in the park from the General traffic
This is a mature idea of the project
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 19/89
This is the current situation
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 20/89
There's quite a few things from staff
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 21/89
Several different types of plans were presented in prior Meetings.
Mr Brunjes spoke to the current situation about an illegal dog park area being used
Fencing and other things were not granted
And this is the current situation
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 22/89
More discussion on the project
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 23/89
Bench seating is also discussed
Astroturf and the dog part is spoken to
Conditions were to be reviewed
Strickland spoke about a neighbor across from the project and the person having to reverse his unapproved actions
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 24/89
Gray #Ward4 asked whether it's a dog or people park
The answer was it is both...
Her further questions were about the dog part
Michele Anderson questioned about Green plants year round
The plants pictured were approved prior
She agrees to the dog part
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 25/89
This is a public space the presenter said
Strickland asked about the greenspace footage
He thinks that the project is fantastic..
However it is disappointing to see the unapproved actions
The presenter took full responsibility
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 26/89
More discussion on the dogs
And parking
Other places
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 27/89
Joyce Huang spoke to the possible purpose of a public dog park
She compared Detroit Michigan
And similar places
More discussion from Councilwoman Gray and her experience with the installation of a dog park in her ward near the tennis court
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 28/89
Anderson agreed with the idea
Strickland suggested tabling the project
So moved
Next Mr Bernard Chambers
And ward 15
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 29/89
The owner wants to add room renovation to his structure
The main work in the rear of the house
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 30/89
The plan is to make a 2 story foyer and a walkin closet for the bedroom
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 31/89
This is the rear and the space for a one story additional
Vinyl siding is planned
The renderings show the plan
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 32/89
The garage is going to be increased from 1 to 2 cars
Design review
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 33/89
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 34/89
Vertical vs horizontal siding seems to be a great deal
As well color
More from the Landmark staff
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 35/89
Appropriate materials are discussed
Railing materials are discussed as to what they feel is desirable
Questions from the commission
Including their preferences were voiced
Vinyl is used currently but the person feels that other materials on the front..
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 36/89
He also has no problem with the front plans..but the front bedroom should be reconfigured in his opinion
Mr Chambers made the point that the rooms are already small. Those ideas presented doesn't make sense for him..
The suggestion of moving the br
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 37/89
More discussion on this topic
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 38/89
Mr Chambers made the point of discussing the sizes of the current rooms.. he would sell the house... his desire is to add value.. the idea of materials suggested is not going to be noticed from the outside.
When he purchased the house no one spoke about
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 39/89
Looks vs maintenance is a factor.. Chambers said
Michele Anderson spoke to the standards of the area. She agrees with the design review committee as well staff. The rear improvement is ok with her.
Siding is not appropriate in her opinion
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 40/89
These standards do apply
Colors should be done according to the color pallets that sherwin Williams has Anderson said.
Mr Sanberry agrees with the design review and Mr Loeser who spoke earlier. Moving the master to the rear he advised
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 41/89
Mr Chambers said the those suggestions would greatly increase the budget for renovations his company is planning on there should be a handbook etc to warn prospective buyers about the constraints he has already been in front of other places
Matter of opinion
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 42/89
It doesn't make it fair to entertain your opinions Chambers said
Strickland said the seller and agent should tell buyers
Secretary of standards have to be enforced..
Chambers said he wasn't aware until now
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 43/89
Regennia Williams reiterated the project has been in front of several places.. her thoughts on moving the bedroom to the rear
She wants to be clear about the objections
Strickland asked the design review for clarity
Chambers spoke about the heights
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 44/89
Strickland spoke about opinion
Anderson spoke to the defense of Chambers and the lack of the many real estate agents who do not tell the buyers
There needs to be more awareness...
Strickland and Chambers agreed
Yet Chambers said he bought another house
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 45/89
This house was 2 minutes away and doesn't have any restrictions
After further discussion about updating the website about the districts in the area.
Strickland asked for a motion
Strickland asked again
Motion made to approve with conditions
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 46/89
The chair is not in agreement
Anderson asked for a tabling
And conditions of the colors and materials..
A lot more discussion from the commission on the property that Mr Chambers and his company owns
Revised motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 47/89
Chambers asked about the decision and the added expense of additional drawings etc
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 48/89
Mr Chambers said he was going to sell the property as is
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 49/89
Next siding replacement
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 50/89
This homeowner also said that there was no disclosure about her home either
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 51/89
The owner gave the history
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 52/89
Stones from the empty lot are used in the back yard
Renovations occurred in the interior
The house is NOT historical
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 53/89
Discussion on the current siding
This is the front view
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 54/89
More discussion
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 55/89
The homeowner doesn't have gutters on the back of the house
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 56/89
More discussion on the Design review and Landmark staffing
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 57/89
Karl Brunjes spoke to the latitude that could be given but due to the district it has to be Subordinate to the area...
Much more discussion
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 58/89
Strickland opened the floor
More discussion on the previous times of consideration
on the siding
Council was in a prior session
Strickland asked about more discussion and questions
Loeser wanted to hear from the other members first
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 59/89
More discussion....
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 60/89
Strickland considers it a new house. He supports the project
Anderson asked about the window on the front and gave her viewpoint.
Her further opinion is she doesn't like the idea of the project..she feels the owner can sell the product in question
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 61/89
The owner differs in opinion
Regennia Williams gave her viewpoint. She thanked the owner. She made the motion to accept the proposal as presented but no second.. voided
Alternative motion urged by Strickland
Loeser made motion as presented for sides,rear
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 62/89
Motion passed with conditions
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 63/89
Anderson audio issues were persistent
She gave her viewpoint that giving the applicants options to find a buyer for the hardie siding might not be a good idea
Williams asked for clarity on the point
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 64/89
Loeser clarified that the owner should show proof that she tried to sell it.. motion passed after much more discussion about the contractors helping
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 65/89
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 66/89
This is a demolition project
Jen Arbuckle is a presenter
And wants instructions on how to present
There's audio issues
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 67/89
They presented the buildings that surround the house scheduled for demolition
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 68/89
Summary of this project
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 69/89
Among the older pictures these were moved from a location on Woodland Avenue
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 70/89
Site plans for new hospice facilities
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 71/89
Each room has a view of the lake there's a community room that will accommodate 100
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 72/89
Floor plans
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 73/89
There's administration and cafeteria areas in the structure
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 74/89
32 residents can be accommodated
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 75/89
That's the presentation
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 76/89
Cuyahoga county has an interest Trevor Hunt spoke about their involvement
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 77/89
Design review
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 78/89
Karl Brunjes gave his history and analysis
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 79/89
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 80/89
More discussion on salvaging some things
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 81/89
Question and comments
Strickland likes the site
Design and scale of the project proposed
Loeser echoed and had questions about replacing the current structure
There will be 32 residents
Loeser is concerned about trees
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 82/89
He has concerns about parking
And making the area more park like
More discussion on the property shape
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 83/89
Vegetation is going to be made robust
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 84/89
Preserve the trees is the presenters plans
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 85/89
Brunjes asked about the bus service
Bob Phillips-Poina said near the High School
Strickland wants to be sure that the presenter got what guidance they need
History of the previous buildings is advised and suggested
Phillips - Piona said near the lake
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 86/89
Last but not least
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 87/89
They seek to be formally appointed
Motion made and passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 88/89
They need headshots for the website
A landmark building caught fire
On MilesPark and 91st at the Pentacostal church
The roof has collapsed prior to the structure More talking
Nothing further
This Meeting is adjourned!
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 89/89
Have questions? Think we got something wrong? Send any inquiries on the meeting or these tweets to
Or email
Until the next time for the people who celebrate Easter Ramadan or just being alive I humbly say thanx

Agency Information

Cleveland Landmarks Commission

The Landmarks Commission is responsible for determining whether buildings, sites or historic districts are eligible for designation as landmarks. The Commission follows established criteria listed in the Landmarks Ordinance and uses the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation to review proposed changes. Through the issuance of Certificates of Appropriateness the Commission reviews building and demolition permits for Designated Cleveland Landmarks and Districts. Local Design Review Committees act as advisory committees to the Landmarks Commission within designated historic districts.


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