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Chief Investigator Jerome Warfield said full staffing at the Office of Chief Investigator (OCI) would be 25 investigators, five senior investigators, four supervisors and an administrative assistant. He would also like to explore creating a deputy chief investigator role.

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06:08 AM Apr 4, 2024 CDT

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The meeting will take place today at 3:00 p.m., at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters - Skylar Herbert Room, 1301 Third St, Detroit, MI, 48226 and via Zoom/Phone for remote participants.
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There will be time allotted for public comment for those joining remotely via phone/Zoom and for those participating in person. To sign up to give a 2-minute comment, visit:…
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Meeting started 3:00pm. Quorum reached 3:03.
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Objection from Burton about adopting the Meeting Minutes from 3/28/24. They are approved because there was no correction suggested and no amendment made.
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Chief of Police Report given by Franklin Hayes. Strike that.
No quorum. So now they are moving on to public comments.
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Detroit resident acknowledging District 5 Crisis Center women for their amazing work.
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Back to quorum. Now it's over to Hayes:
-No injured officers.
-"Favorable" crime data (10% down in violent crime)
-YTD Homicides are down, Non-fatal shootings are down.
-Carjackings down 31%.
-Lawless driving, drag racing, drifting will be up with warm weather. Addressing.
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(Still Hayes' (standing in for ) Chief of Police Report)
Mental health calls
They have serviced more calls than last year YTD
Suicides in progress, suicide threats
This year, 3650 calls answered. Similar to last year at this time. Training officers to provide more help.
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1500 Block of Mack
Fatal stabbing 40 yo male victim.
51 yo neighbor taken into custody.
Call Crime Stoppers if there's info.
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8200 W Chicago
Large fight, 5 shots fired
Have identified suspicious person at hospital, he's now in custody.
Call Crime Stoppers to provide information.
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Hayes saying that White would want it mentioned that venue was held responsible from aforementioned.
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Domestic Violence Awareness night happened on Monday April 1. Gave out Pistons tickets, received donations. Friday, April 5 Tigers Opening Day, DPD will have big presence. Want to ensure safety.
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Missing Persons:
Search premises (yards, cars, vacant homes, lots)
Database searches Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies then coordinated with to see if missing person is in custody elsewhere
Search vehicle and vehicle information
Search morgues
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Check for them at work or school, bank card activities
Put out a bulletin to contact DPD if found
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Still on Chief Report Out item:
Commissioner Burton reviewing a data sharing agreement that he requested last week at the meeting.
It is regarding Shot Spotter. Wants to see data-sharing agreement. ref: multi-million dollar lawsuit against Shot Spotter.
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Burton is calling out "Rule of Order".
Says he's raising the point because he's speaking for residents and wants to know about Shot Spotter's lawsuits. He says he's not received the info requested.
Chair is denying his point of order.
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Parliamentarian Jackson clarifying how to call out points of order.
Deputy Chief says he will follow up.
Chair is calling him out of order.
Smith asking if any other commissioners have questions.
Next speakers....
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They are Back to public comments.
The tone in the air is hostile. Public commenter was raising concerns about Linda Bernard.
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Public commenter asking that the resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza/Israel be implemented. Speaking out against the technology that is being used to target homes of Palestinians. Saying conduct of the acting Vice Chair is an embarrassment to the city.
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Same commenter asked for the Shot Spotter information that Burton asked for to be provided and it has not yet been.
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Burton is asking that the Vice Chair be removed.
Burton says that the public is owed an apology.
Concerns about cease fire. Concerns about lack of information regarding Shot Spotter.
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Conversation ensuing now about the ceasefire resolution(s)--Israel/Gaza/Palenstine, Haiti, Africa and whether it's the role of the BOPC to pass resolutions. Darryl Woods At-Large is saying that technology issues are important to address but not this way.
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Back to public comment. Woo. It's heated. Commenter is yelling and talking about disrespect about a comment that was made about her that "she was going to hit someone with a cane".
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Public commenter supporting 1) Disinvestment in technology used by Israel 2) BOPC passing a resolution calling for ceasefire.
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New public commenter talking about surveillance and data use.
Burton: Breaking in to talk about genocide in Gaza. Calling to free Palestine.
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Female commenter hopes we can find the missing children. The city has gotten too lax. She hopes that BOPC can get passed their internal conflict to address the real concerns before them.
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New male speaker is proud to be a member of police department and Detroit resident. Asking the BOPC to not compare Detroit's work with other cities. He's proud of what Detroit has become. Risen from rubble to greatness.
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Public comments (from Zoom/phone):
-Absentee ballots (fraud) in primary election being mentioned by speaker called "One of the Coldest" and echos speaker who called out Bernard earlier for her disrespect. Calling out Bell.
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Last public commenter: still issues with neighborhood crime. Says there needs to be a "house cleaning" of BOPC.
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Former Commissioner Davis is the last public commenter, actually: He supports cease fire resolution. Says our defense dollars are funding killing of thousands.
Commissioner Bell is now responding to cease fire issue, says he supports it, but it needs to be submitted properly.
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Bell is admonishing Burton for his comportment.
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Next item: Presentation to Board
A. BOPC Budget Actuals – Drew Fries, Executive Manager – Fiscal (10 Minutes)
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Goal is to increase budget next year. Mayor has supported the increase.
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Burton asking questions:
To Warfield-What is goal for OCI staffing?
Warfield: Wants to be at a level set to handle the cases. Need 25 investigators, 5 Sr. Investigators, 4 supervisors, administrative assistant, says he wants a "Deputy role" to be explored for Chief Investigator
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That looks to be an increase of 35 staffers
Burton: Instead of the "Deputy role", could there be a "Chief of Staff" role considered?
Warfield: It's about continuity, regardless of semantics or titles.
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Fries: We're working on pricing out what it will cost to have those investigator-related roles filled.
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Bernard question to Fries: Policy Administrator role for BOPC is about to be posted. He acknowledges it's taken too long.
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There's a backlog of policy work. Fries says they Need 2 people. 1 for Executive Policy Administrator AND a helper for them.
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MOTION (Burton): Post Board Attorney position, seconded.
Objection: there already IS an attorney. Bell says they reached an agreement with attorney that they are the attorney of record.
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Burton is saying they need someone who has the stomach for the work, that wants to be there, that the board ought to rely on the attorney who can represent the board in the closed door sessions.
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Carter is saying that the motion is out of order. There is no vacancy. There's no pending vacancy.
Vote on the call of the question, to end debate.
Ending debate. Only opposed was Burton.
Motion is to post the position for the attorney.
5 nos, 2 yeses.
Motion fails.
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Burton is saying Bernard was a great attorney to them, plus the other previous 2.
Closing out Fries' report.
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Report moved forward.
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New Business:
ACTION: Hanes will find report from Michigan State Police that was called for in the public comments. Will come back to the board.
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Burton: Calling for the call for ceasefire.
It was referred to attorney
OK. They are actually discussing the cease fire.
Hernandez: it's premature to vote this in. Need to wait for the attorney to review. It's irresponsible to motion this in.
Table it for 2 weeks til response
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Oh snap. The call for the motion is OUT OF ORDER. So rules the chief.
They are going to review it in 2 weeks.
They are "censoring" each other.
Burton calling out "Free, Free Palestine."
This is fascinating!!!!!!! Chair is DEMANDING respect.
Says Burton does not respect her.
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Someone on BOPC left the room. I couldn't see who and, as such, there was no quorum. Because of that, the meeting was adjourned at 4:57pm.
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The next meeting will be held on April 11.
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This concludes my coverage of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners meeting today. For information about the next meeting, visit:…
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